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Here at The Orchard Nature Nursery we place a strong emphasis on the importance of outdoor play so you will probably find us exploring the beautiful Crichton Estate or playing under our huge blossom tree.


Children should be free to explore and learn from their environment on a daily basis. We believe that children should have free access to a safe, secure and stimulating natural environment. Children at The Orchard Nature Nursery will spend a lot of time outdoors complimented by time indoors reflecting upon what has been observed outside. Children will have the opportunity to, for example, go on nature walks daily, observe the changing seasons and grow vegetables. There is no age restriction on outdoor play and so both our Willow and Cedar Suites will enjoy unlimited time outdoors.


Our Nursery Nurses are enthusiastic and motivated to provide your child with high quality outdoor play provision. This play will provide your child with opportunities to experience seasons, insects and weather, to name a few, in an environment which facilitates your child's natural curiosity and encourages learning through questioning and experiencing risks. Risks are a key part of providing meaningful experiences for your child. These risks will be assessed by both your child and our staff. It is important your child understands the risks of outdoor learning and this in turn will give your child the freedom to learn through hands on experiences.


Outdoor play will be an integral part of your child's day at The Orchard Nature Nursery. Our outdoor environment will grow and flourish as your child assists in creating an environment which reflects their needs and interests. We are extremely fortunate to have a large, secure, enclosed garden and will also access the Estate gardens and large playing feilds.

mud pies anyone?

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