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Our Cedar Suite provides care and learning opportunities for children aged 2 to 5 years. Our staff, children and parent/carers work together to plan activities which reflect the children’s interests and which also provide them with a wide variety of educational experiences.


The aim of the Cedar Suite is to encourage natural exploration and enhance a child's natural curiosity to investigate and learn. Children of the Cedar Suite will have access to free flow indoor/outdoor play throughout  the day. Our indoor environment provides opportunities for various activities from role play to water play, art and nature investigation where children can study the items they collect on our daily, nature walks.


When attending The Orchard Nature Nursery, your child will have his/her own PIPP (personal information and progress pack). This will hold information and photographic evidence regarding your child's learning developments and this folder is available at any time for you and your child's perusal.


the Cedar Suite

Your child will be assigned a key worker who has responsibility for developing a trusting and caring relationship with you and your child. It is important that children feel they 'belong' and key workers will ensure new children are welcomed and settled into the group. Your child's key worker will observe and plan for your child's individual care and learning needs whilst being available to discuss all aspects of your child’s care and development.


The Orchard Nature Nursery provide Government funded pre school sessions . These sessios run from 9 am to 12:10 am or 1 pm to 4:10 pm and are available to your child on the term after their third birthday. Alternativly we can offer wrap around care deducting your childs government funding from your daycare fees. If you would like more information on these funded sessions please do not hesitate to contact us