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The Orchard provides healthy, balanced and homemade meals to ensure our children have the nutritional demands of their growth met.


Our menu varies to ensure children are encourages to experiment and experience new tastes and textures. We have a cosy dining room which promotes the social element of coming together as a nursery where good table manners and independence is encouraged.


We aim to use produce which is where possible local and organic to ensure we are supporting our local food producers and providing the best quality ingredients for our children.


To further support healthy choices our children are involved in choosing both morning and afternoon snacks. Our snacks are prepared in our nursery kitchen and can be eaten in our dining room or taken outside as a picnic.


We understand that children have specific dietary requirements so we endevor to meet the needs of all the children within our nursery whether they suffer from food intolerances, allergies or have particular life choices.

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